Friends of the Anglicans in Dresden e.V.

In order to support the growth of a new congregation in Dresden, the legal association or Verein “Friends of the Anglicans in Dresden e.V.” was officially established in April, 2017. Membership is open to all those who wish to encourage and support this fledgling parish with their ideas, energy and prayers. There are no membership dues or other obligations, neither is it necessary for members of the Verein to live or worship in Dresden. Our members reside in multiple cities in Germany as well as abroad. The Board meets every two months via video link and the full membership of the Verein meets once per year in a virtual forum over the internet. If you would like to lend your creativity and voice to support this project, please contact:

Tel.: Megan Kramer 0162/6479117

Members of the Board

Chair: Rev’d Ricky Yates
Vice-chair: Megan Kramer
Treasurer: Julian Mendez
Secretary: Silvia Haramburu

Constitution of the Verein

Constitution English

Satzung Deutsch